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Meinir Wyn Roberts



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“. A delightful Meinir Wyn Roberts captures this almost other-worldly aspect of the relationship, balancing idealistic passion with darker introspection. The Welsh soprano gives us some thrilling singing particularly the emotional crescendos.” OperaSceneUK

“And the cast? Well, Roberts made a touching Magda, with a generous sound that twined itself around Joseph Buckmaster’s tenor in their love duets (he was her toyboy, Ruggero), making the whole ensemble light up.” Richard Bratby Spectator

"Meinir Wyn Roberts made a lovely Magda, in Act One she projected enough sense of being strongly grounded to suggest her character being somewhat older than the people around her. Her contribution to the song about Doretta in Act One (begun by Ryan Vaughan Davies' Prunier) was beautifully done, but it was as the opera progressed that Wyn Roberts really let rip and brought out the vibrant passion in Puccini's lovely melodies. Throughout she was poised and in control, just as you felt Magda should be. This was no damaged flower, but a woman with a definite view of her destiny." Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

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